The big radish and the lucky man

A long time ago there lived two brothers. The older brother was cunning and greedy. He was very rich. Meanwhile his younger brother was honest and generous. He was poor, although worked very hard in his field.

Because he didn’t get anything from his hard work, he felt disappointed. He just planted a radish in his field. But, he gave the radish a lot of fertilizer. He believes that the radish can grew so big. Everyday, he watered the radish and gave fertilizer with love.

the big radish

One day, the younger brother found the radish grew so big in his field. He didn’t know to do with the radish.

When he went to market, he heard somebody said that the king of the kingdom held a prize contest to looking for husband for her beloved daughter.

The young brother want change his destiny. He went to the palace and brought his big radish. Along the way, his big radish distract people attention.

When he met the king, he said that he want to marry the princess by the big radish as the bride price. The king was surprised. But it wasn’t easy; the king didn’t believe that the younger brother can made the radish to be so big. Maybe, he is a magician who wants to deceive him. So, the king asked to the younger brother from where he can make his radish so big. The young brother told to the king if he planted the radish with gave a lot of fertilizer. The king can’t believe the younger brother so easy, so he told the younger brother to plant a new radish in the palace field. The younger brother gave the radish a lot of fertilizer.

One day, the radish which planted in palace field grew so big. The radish grew bigger than the first radish, because it planted with a hope from the younger brother. The king was so glad. He agrees the younger brother be the husband of his princess. The king wants to planted big radish in his field, and then sold them. He knew if he can get a lot of money from them. He can help the poor citizen of his kingdom.

At the same time, the elder brother wants to married the princess too. He brought a lot of jewelry gold as the bride price. But when he met the king, his propose declined. The king has had the candidate, he is the younger brother. Although the elder brother brought a lot of jewelry, the king chose the younger brother.

Then, the elder brother came back and brought nothing. He was so disappointed. But his younger brother was certain felt glad. The younger brother lived happily ever after with his wife.


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